One Piece Toilet
Wall Hung Water Closet
Wash Basin & Pedestal
Wash Basin Half Pedestal
Table Top Wash Basin
Counter Wash Basin
Wall Mount Wash Basin
Wash Basin with Stand
Water Closet
Pan & Sink
Designer Table Top
Vitrosa Printed Series
Multi Colour Series
Dutone Series
Rustic Colour Series
About Us
The company has a vision of becoming one of the most successful Sanitary ware manufacturer and supplier in the present competitive ceramic industry.

Our mission is to focus on manufacturing in the product which are of best quality as required by the customer.

continuous improvement of quality in all the manufacturing process, continuous training and education staff every quarterly. Keep The Marketing Channels and Dealers upgrade on the resent changes in the industry.

Eagle Ceramics is a Sanitary ware manufacturing unit located at Morbi. it was established in the year 1999. By its founder Mr. DilipPateland its team Mr. Pankaj Patel, Mr. Nilesh patel. The Company follows its vision, mission and goals with a strong commitment. As winners, it never loses site of its goal, hence it has outgrown most of its competition in a very short time.

The Company has well trained and experienced manpower to handle its production. There is an effective control over the whole production cycle achieve quality products. Production department is state of the art with use of all the modem technology like advanced tunnel kiln, modem glazing units and battery casting that is suitable for mass production goods.

The Marketing director with his team of channel partners makes it a point to be in the market and feel its pulse, based on the recent changes in the markets and its ongoing trends, feedback for the new design and methods of promotion of the product is achieved by the marketing people. The marketing people gives a positive reports from the industrial influences The architects and interior designers to get the latest updates on the ongoing customer preferences.

Quality at eagle is a three pronged approach focusing on people, Products and Processes. The central principle is to find the cause and eliminate it. This system is very effective in managing quality and moving to a higher level without much loss.