One Piece Toilet
Wall Hung Water Closet
Wash Basin & Pedestal
Wash Basin Half Pedestal
Table Top Wash Basin
Counter Wash Basin
Wall Mount Wash Basin
Wash Basin with Stand
Water Closet
Pan & Sink
Designer Table Top
Vitrosa Printed Series
Multi Colour Series
Dutone Series
Rustic Colour Series
Colour Range


White is the most used color in case of sanitation. It gives a soothing feeling of purity. It gives any room look bigger than it is. It speaks of the sober tastes of the owner. We have almost all colors available in the White color
Plain Colors: The second family includes a wide range of colors to suite the kind of background imagined. Plain colors can be used as a matching or in contrast to the backdrop. More than 20 colors are available to satisfy your exclusivity needs. Do remember that be very sure of selecting the right backdrop before placing an order for our great range. We are sure you will be confused finalizing the color scheme... yes more than 20 to choose from.
Rustic: A very unique look that can highlight your bathroom and make it look inherently rich. The rustic color with its two base colors, one fading into the other gives a look of Dusk or Dawn, The deep grooves are highlighted here, because of the dark shade. The borders look sharper making the piece's presence felt and complete. Truly designed for you if you love everything purely designer and unique only. The rustic is available in high value pieces only so go for it only if you are focused on big and beautiful.